Five Idiom Cut-up Haiku

He’s easy pickings
He’s a fish out of water
His number is up

A thing of the past
batting for the other side
Too funny for words

I spoke too soon, thought
she was a babe in the woods
wham bam thank you ma’am

I’ll tear your heart out
she’ll be caught in the crossfire
over my dead body

Cheats never prosper
from time immemorial
all over the earth

These haiku were written using the following cut-up technique:

  1. Open the Free Dictionary’s Idiom Home Page.
  2. Look at the page under the heading, “Try it out (random idioms):”
  3. Select three idioms; two of five syllables in length and one of seven syllables, and arrange as desired.
  4. Reload the page and repeat as many times as desired.
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Sense Haiku

An all seeing eye
eats voyeuristically
sweat beads off my skin

Deaf ears desire sounds
lovers’ thighs on silken lies
between night’s creatures

Where hollow fingers
drum forth tight wrapped visions
lost fire touch now please

The nose finds it first
swimming winds sexscented lust
all inner gears turn

Snake tongue curls with hiss
suffocates victim on sheets
forgets eye memories

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