Five Idiom Cut-up Haiku

He’s easy pickings
He’s a fish out of water
His number is up

A thing of the past
batting for the other side
Too funny for words

I spoke too soon, thought
she was a babe in the woods
wham bam thank you ma’am

I’ll tear your heart out
she’ll be caught in the crossfire
over my dead body

Cheats never prosper
from time immemorial
all over the earth

These haiku were written using the following cut-up technique:

  1. Open the Free Dictionary’s Idiom Home Page.
  2. Look at the page under the heading, “Try it out (random idioms):”
  3. Select three idioms; two of five syllables in length and one of seven syllables, and arrange as desired.
  4. Reload the page and repeat as many times as desired.
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I AM a Verb (Activating Mantra)

I AM Activating.
I AM Thinking.
I AM Feeling.
I AM Considering.
I AM Writing mantras.
I AM Moving.
I AM Interacting.

I AM Resonating with the vibration of utopian vision.
I AM Expanding.
I AM Radiating.
I AM Processing six senses in unison.
I AM Computing and Calculating.
I AM Imagining.
I AM Seeing.
I AM Creating the present from the future.

I AM Empathizing.
I AM Harmonizing.
I AM Playing.
I AM Integrating and Releasing.
I AM Dancing with other Dancings.

I AM Mimicking the power and presence of my mentors while
I AM Improvising over their melodies and simultaneously
I AM Synergizing with the profane and divine.

I AM Opening and Closing.
I AM Twisting and Turning.
I AM Stopping and Starting; Beginning and Ending.
I AM Hovering in the maybe between.

I AM Breathing.
I AM Sweating.
I AM Digesting.
I AM Beating out the rhythm of life in my heart.
I AM Communicating.
I AM Speaking.
I AM Transforming and Flowering.
I AM Activating the eight circuit brain.
I AM Dreaming.
I AM Intuiting.
I AM Falling and Floating.
I AM Exercising my consciousness.
I AM Looking within.
I AM Finding.
I AM constantly Growing and Evolving.

I AM Electrifying by Alternating, Varying, Directing and Pulsating.

I AM Seeking.
I AM Discovering.
I AM Diving in and
I AM Spiraling toward the calm at the center of the storm.
I AM Arcing between positive and negative polarities.
I AM Transcending.
I AM Healing.
I AM Viewing those closest to me as if for the first time.
I AM Purifying.
I AM Meandering.
I AM Flowing.

I AM Thirsting and then Drinking.
I AM Hungering and then Eating.
I AM Desiring and then Fucking.
I AM Questioning and then Altering my consciousness.

I AM Co-inciding.
I AM Inspiring and Conspiring.
I AM Choosing and thereby Exercising my free will.
I AM Wondering.
I AM Exploring the depths of my shadow.
I AM Learning and Teaching.
I AM Waking and Dreaming.
I AM Enchanting.
I AM Bridging the gap.

I AM Giving and Receiving.
I AM Minding my own business.
I AM Taking responsibility by Butting In on your Damaging.
I AM Questioning.
I AM Answering.
I AM Translating.

I AM Synchronizing and Energizing.
I AM Reflecting your essence like a mirror.
I AM Crystallizing.
I AM Affirming.
I AM Thanking.

I AM Sounding with the tone of creation.

I AM Enduring.
I AM Liberating.
I AM Perfecting.
I AM Realizing.
I AM Forming and Dissolving.
I AM Symbolizing.
I AM Relating.
I AM Projecting.

I AM Appreciating and Acknowledging all those who have helped me.
I AM Inviting and Requesting the support of all those who are Coming around the next corner.
I AM Experiencing Being everything and nothing.

I AM Interacting Feeling Processing.
I AM Interacting Feeling Processing.
I AM Interacting Feeling Processing.

“I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

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met with
made by sitting even taking to the surprise of
emphasis, like to solve be solved by said
said, include also discussed
met with serves as
met with heading
picked up
told need need to keep
told try to take said got to handle
had worked in, said that do doing is thinking make is just feeling
interjected chalk up agreed exactly
told call to scrap got to have said not taking making lose
has taken starting finishing with
joked with has included have garnered
admitted have slipped said still considers
thought this am convinced that face going to be solved get a handle said
said, are costing
to try to highlight or amplify affects hopefully to give might take said
has repeatedly said not intended as were designed to boost envision
repeatedly called continued in finally settled
were shown laughing and smiling as walked reiterated to continues
think fascination with is not going to go away said
took aim at
now addressing starting to feel
were planned also decided not to greet didn’t grant visited in
comes at could have benefited lost had been considered, adding to raising
Asked by said no said be prepared to deal

~ An experimental poem created using the following cut-up technique:

  1. Find any source of text. (the first result from a random web search was used to create the above poem)
  2. Write down any verbs found in the text.  Also take any adjacent adverb, if one exists.
  3. Convert one paragraph of source text into a single line of poem text.
  4. Consider retaining other useful verb-adjacent parts of speech, but do not retain any nouns, pronouns or adjectives.
  5. Retain all verb-adjacent punctuation and capitalization.
  6. Do not add any punctuation or capitalization.
  7. Eliminate all forms of “to be”: be, was, were, are, is, will, etc…, except where “is” appears as an infinitve form of a verb, such as “is thinking” or “is sitting.”
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Sense Haiku

An all seeing eye
eats voyeuristically
sweat beads off my skin

Deaf ears desire sounds
lovers’ thighs on silken lies
between night’s creatures

Where hollow fingers
drum forth tight wrapped visions
lost fire touch now please

The nose finds it first
swimming winds sexscented lust
all inner gears turn

Snake tongue curls with hiss
suffocates victim on sheets
forgets eye memories

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Re: Current, Knight, Mare

The dream waits
on plate
and eye
consume it a
gain in mourning

Each eye

on evening’s shore
you see the
waver over
my stone

The dream
squirming in
echoing eyes
eye just want
to kill it
again and a

I want to tell
instead eye see
and say
nothing is
wrong [meaning right]

live in
never leave
dream drilling
between ribs
twist turn

love in

make a box
the Knight
on fire
water rushes be
neath where only
the image

The dream

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closing her red lips

Blue tunnel
at pit of sky’s stomach
white at bottom.

Rainbowed snakes
squirm past
as sparks to night.

escape into
shimmering darkness.

May I long
for passed
spring’s scent


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