The poetry found on this site is entirely the work of e.b. sarver.

e.b. sarver

You will find poems sorted by the decade. I have attempted to “date” these poems as closely as I can recall. I do not honestly remember precisely when I wrote most of them, and have written over the drafts on my computer so many times that the dates on those files have become meaningless. The dates listed for each poem, however, should be fairly close to accurate. For poems written before 1990, I’m really guessing. For the ones written since, I had a pretty good idea when I wrote them, and the dates are fairly accurate.

My earliest poems published here were written around 1985/86, when I was in my final two years of high school, taking Advanced Placement courses in Creative Writing. During that time, I had the opportunity to study with authors Michael Moos, John Minczeski and Kate Green, as well as several other guest writers.

I continued to study Literature and Creative Writing beginning in 1986 and completing my degree in 1991 at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where I studied with too many authors to recall, including more extensive study with Ron Hansen, Nathaniel MacKey, and Lucille Clifton.

Since college, I have continued to write poetry sporadically. I have only published my favorite poems on this site thus far (only a fraction of what I’ve written), but plan several avant garde writing experiments in the near future, in the tradition of William Burroughs and Laurie Anderson, two of my favorite wordsmiths.

I do not write poetry often, so do not expect this blog to see a lot of updates. I apologize in advance for those who enjoy what they read here – inspiration for verse does not strike me often, and when it does, I often don’t have a good way to record my thoughts.

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