I AM a Verb (Activating Mantra)

I AM Activating.
I AM Thinking.
I AM Feeling.
I AM Considering.
I AM Writing mantras.
I AM Moving.
I AM Interacting.

I AM Resonating with the vibration of utopian vision.
I AM Expanding.
I AM Radiating.
I AM Processing six senses in unison.
I AM Computing and Calculating.
I AM Imagining.
I AM Seeing.
I AM Creating the present from the future.

I AM Empathizing.
I AM Harmonizing.
I AM Playing.
I AM Integrating and Releasing.
I AM Dancing with other Dancings.

I AM Mimicking the power and presence of my mentors while
I AM Improvising over their melodies and simultaneously
I AM Synergizing with the profane and divine.

I AM Opening and Closing.
I AM Twisting and Turning.
I AM Stopping and Starting; Beginning and Ending.
I AM Hovering in the maybe between.

I AM Breathing.
I AM Sweating.
I AM Digesting.
I AM Beating out the rhythm of life in my heart.
I AM Communicating.
I AM Speaking.
I AM Transforming and Flowering.
I AM Activating the eight circuit brain.
I AM Dreaming.
I AM Intuiting.
I AM Falling and Floating.
I AM Exercising my consciousness.
I AM Looking within.
I AM Finding.
I AM constantly Growing and Evolving.

I AM Electrifying by Alternating, Varying, Directing and Pulsating.

I AM Seeking.
I AM Discovering.
I AM Diving in and
I AM Spiraling toward the calm at the center of the storm.
I AM Arcing between positive and negative polarities.
I AM Transcending.
I AM Healing.
I AM Viewing those closest to me as if for the first time.
I AM Purifying.
I AM Meandering.
I AM Flowing.

I AM Thirsting and then Drinking.
I AM Hungering and then Eating.
I AM Desiring and then Fucking.
I AM Questioning and then Altering my consciousness.

I AM Co-inciding.
I AM Inspiring and Conspiring.
I AM Choosing and thereby Exercising my free will.
I AM Wondering.
I AM Exploring the depths of my shadow.
I AM Learning and Teaching.
I AM Waking and Dreaming.
I AM Enchanting.
I AM Bridging the gap.

I AM Giving and Receiving.
I AM Minding my own business.
I AM Taking responsibility by Butting In on your Damaging.
I AM Questioning.
I AM Answering.
I AM Translating.

I AM Synchronizing and Energizing.
I AM Reflecting your essence like a mirror.
I AM Crystallizing.
I AM Affirming.
I AM Thanking.

I AM Sounding with the tone of creation.

I AM Enduring.
I AM Liberating.
I AM Perfecting.
I AM Realizing.
I AM Forming and Dissolving.
I AM Symbolizing.
I AM Relating.
I AM Projecting.

I AM Appreciating and Acknowledging all those who have helped me.
I AM Inviting and Requesting the support of all those who are Coming around the next corner.
I AM Experiencing Being everything and nothing.

I AM Interacting Feeling Processing.
I AM Interacting Feeling Processing.
I AM Interacting Feeling Processing.

“I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

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