met with
made by sitting even taking to the surprise of
emphasis, like to solve be solved by said
said, include also discussed
met with serves as
met with heading
picked up
told need need to keep
told try to take said got to handle
had worked in, said that do doing is thinking make is just feeling
interjected chalk up agreed exactly
told call to scrap got to have said not taking making lose
has taken starting finishing with
joked with has included have garnered
admitted have slipped said still considers
thought this am convinced that face going to be solved get a handle said
said, are costing
to try to highlight or amplify affects hopefully to give might take said
has repeatedly said not intended as were designed to boost envision
repeatedly called continued in finally settled
were shown laughing and smiling as walked reiterated to continues
think fascination with is not going to go away said
took aim at
now addressing starting to feel
were planned also decided not to greet didn’t grant visited in
comes at could have benefited lost had been considered, adding to raising
Asked by said no said be prepared to deal

~ An experimental poem created using the following cut-up technique:

  1. Find any source of text. (the first result from a random web search was used to create the above poem)
  2. Write down any verbs found in the text.  Also take any adjacent adverb, if one exists.
  3. Convert one paragraph of source text into a single line of poem text.
  4. Consider retaining other useful verb-adjacent parts of speech, but do not retain any nouns, pronouns or adjectives.
  5. Retain all verb-adjacent punctuation and capitalization.
  6. Do not add any punctuation or capitalization.
  7. Eliminate all forms of “to be”: be, was, were, are, is, will, etc…, except where “is” appears as an infinitve form of a verb, such as “is thinking” or “is sitting.”
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