Black Rock City Nights

Rich glittering glow
heart pulsing
loud as mother’s in fetus’ ears
modern gods of art
fire and electricity
old ways
pixies, demons, chanting monks

New spiritual order
open then closed again
again, guts churning of
foods, drinks, passions, poisons

Serpent mother
serpent young in
sparks, flames, jets
eddies of heat billow
southern Baptists
fear new Sodom

All hail cold and seething night
acolytes travel
inside art
become both art and artist

Mischievous cackling
mad scientist splits
night in two
air, static, lightning
minds of mad revelers

A man burns here each year
somehow renews us
fire, ashes, dust
gather into storms
hearts, minds, bodies
as one
one voice
boiling forth
into American night
crying freedom

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