(a prayer for light)

Oh Lord of Night
restore us the azure oceans
the red earth.

The sun drowns
given up
struggled for months
writhing in your grasp
release it.

gnaws at
the red earth
its soft teeth
grind hard at
this moment
gelatin feet of
darkness approach
his grey army
takes the eastern
we must stop him.

They multiply
these amoeba creatures
in short hours
they shall invade the red earth
greed on their breath
their spiny hands
lust to conquer light
dusk is breeding
what shall become of us?

Mad ones
dance the mad prayer
on mountain sacrifices
grease the gears
of red earth
turbine thrust
forward return the planet

Oh Lord of Night
for we are week
you many.

Oh Sweet Dawn
do not forget us
our bones ache
for the soft touch of
your tongue again.

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  1. Lachelle Adolph says:

    Only a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw outstanding layout.

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